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Photo: Ari Hallami



It all started with the idea to renovate the old barn house attic for a dinner party venue. The attic had been out of use for several years until  2013, when it was emptied, renovated and decorated by the whole family for its new life. At the end of August the first occasion, a dinner party, was held. Soon after this, we started receiving phone calls from future brides-to-be if this venue could be used for weddings. The next winter we, eight eager women from the family, gathered together and founded the company Navetan Naiset Ay to serve the venue for different occasions.


At first, the idea of a few weddings and summer cafe sounded like a nice hobby, but soon we realized it could turn out to be something a lot bigger. Therefore, we turned the old milking station into a kitchen and restroom in 2014, and during the next years continued renovating the whole building into the now-called Cellar and Cowhouse.


We really enjoy doing this  - hosting weddings and celebrations. Our team is very close to each other and we hope that our guests can feel the warming atmosphere when they walk in. Customer satisfactions is our top-priority and that is where we invest in the most. The greatest joy for us is to see our guests enjoying their stay and having unforgettable celebrations that bring live to the barn house.

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